Extending your reach beyond the conference using SlideShare and Social Media


Over the years I have attended a good number of educational conferences. The usual format will include one or more keynote speakers and a selection of workshops and presentations. For many of these, presenters will prepare a set of presentation slides using PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi. As a frequent presenter myself I am aware that my audience is limited to the people attending that particular session. You may choose to provide handouts or send the presentation file to the conference organiser who may add this to the conference website. The issue here is that handouts are not guaranteed to see the light of day again by the individual who took a copy, let alone anyone else. Having a link to your presentation file on the conference website my receive a few hits, but post conference I suspect not many will re-visit. What you can do however is to use social media to share your work.

Social Sharing

There are a number of ways you can share your presentations using social media. What is useful to note is the ‘ripple effect’ of social sharing. Not only can you share your work, but others on seeing it, may go on to share it further with their connections.

The starting point is uploading your slides to SlideShare. This space can also be used for sharing PDF documents, infographics and videos. It is now a very popular way for people to view and share presentations as each item uploaded has social media sharing buttons embedded. This makes it quick and easy for readers to share with their own connections on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Viewers may also favourite presentations and leave comments.


You will need to first of all create a SlideShare account. I recommend you complete the bio and upload a photograph. You upload a presentation by selecting your file from your chosen computer drive or cloud storage – for example Dropbox or Google Drive.

Slideshare upload You then have the opportunity to give your presentation a title and description. If you do not complete this as the file uploads, worry not. Simply go to ‘My Uploads’ and ‘Edit Details’. This brings up the box below. As you can see you can also add Tags. These are keywords people may use if using the search button in SlideShare, so choose these carefully. Remember to click Update to save your changes.

You may choose the type of licence you wish to give to the presentation. Your options include ‘All Rights Reserved’ to a variety of Creative Commons licences. I personally give all my work a Creative Commons licence.

Slideshare details box

Below is an example of one of my recent SlideShare presentations.


Sharing options

Within SlideShare at the top of your presentation viewers will also see options to share. The share option offers LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Alternatively it is possible to email the presentation; embed it in a blog or website; or download and save the presentation (this option can be switched off if you choose).

share options


SlideShare gives you the option to automatically upload your presentation to the summary section within your LinkedIn profile. This is a useful way to add value to your profile and make it stand out from others. Viewers of your profile will be able to view your SlideShare presentation directly from your page.

Other Social Media

Once my presentations are on SlideShare I make a habit of sharing the link and a brief description on the social networks I use professionally, e.g. Twitter and Google+. Sometimes I will also share on Facebook if I think it will be of interest to the connections I have there. This really is a personal choice.


A further useful feature of SlideShare is being able to receive comments and feedback about your presentations. In addition you can see how many people have shared, favourited or downloaded your presentation.



About Sue Beckingham

A National Teaching Fellow, Educational Developer and Principal Lecturer in Computing with a research interest in the use of social media in higher education.
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