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Getting started with LinkedIn

By Lee Lefever at Commoncraft

What can LinkedIn be used for?

Many use LinkedIn is a space to hold their online CV using the Experience and Work sections. In addition to this there is the potential to add further sections to showcase achievements such as presentations, publications and projects. There is also the opportunity to share links to your blog or website if you have one.

Using LinkedIn

In addition you build your professional network beyond the people you know in the workplace. There are opportunities to create groups for your modules, courses or programmes and invite students and alumni. LinkedIn users can share and interact with news shared.


Profile Tips

Having a professional photo is very important. This can be taken with a mobile phone using a white wall as a backdrop. Your profile will look more professional is you complete the suggested sections and proofread before publishing!

Profile tips

Using LinkedIn as your business intelligence dashboard

You can get relevant insights on what people are tweeting and sharing by using search and filter. Enter a topic or keyword and then drill down by network, company or industry and even location. You can then save this search and come back to it to see if there have been any changes.


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