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Tips for tweeting at conferences

Twitter is a micro blogging tool that enables users to share short succinct messages, links and multimedia. When used at conferences, live-tweeting by delegates is a way to publicly share information about the event. Typically tweets may include: quotes from … Continue reading

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The History of #Hashtags from humble # sign to hyperlinked verb

Image source: Flickr Definition: The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages. People use the hashtag symbol # before a … Continue reading

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Facebook have finally jumped on the bandwagon with clickable hashtags

A hashtag is a word or a phrase prefixed with the symbol #. They have been used for some time by Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Chris Messina was the first to introduce them to Twitter. Searching for a hashtag will bring together … Continue reading

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Alternative ways you can display and share your tweets

Aside from the Twitter web page, there are a number of different ways you can view tweets. Two of my favourites are: curating tweets to produce a digital style newspaper and showcasing tweets as a back channel that can be … Continue reading

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Twitter #hashtags explained

The use of a # hashtag (US pound sign) was introduced by Chris Messina in 2007 as a way to group tweet conversations. Little did he know then how much they would go on to be used! how do you … Continue reading

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