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Finding news….

Digg Digg allows you to create your own library of news stories you want to follow and also save or bury items of interest. You will find breaking news on a whole range of themes. Users can search news by images, videos and stories. It is also allows you to share news by submitting links. The Digg community can then vote and comment on these stories. The Newsroom tab features specific news on Technology, Science, Politics, Entertainment, World News and Business.

Reddit Reddit is where users can share news by posting links to content on the internet. Other users can then vote on the stories to promote them to the front page or demote them. It provides a source for what’s new and popular online.

Alexis Ohanian talks about the voting power of reddit readers.

Storyful logo

Storyful uses the power of social networking to create an authentic, co-operative and socially useful journalism news and stories using tweets, videos and images. Storyful can also be found on Google+ and Twitter


StumbleUpon   StumbleUpon is a kind of web search engine that finds and recommends web content to its users. Users begin by selecting topics they are interested in. They can then rate the web pages, videos and photos as well as share them with others via Stumbleupon, email, Facebook and Twitter. Stumbleupon will then continue to recommend based on your personal interests. The more you ‘thumb up’ the sites you like, the better it will get at making recommendations.

Technorati logo

Technorati is a blog about blogs. It give you real-time search for user-generated media using keywords or tags. (Tags are ‘keywords’ embedded in blogs and can be used as a search facility when reading a blog). Technorati provides popularity indexes and lists the Top 100 Blogs which changes on a daily basis dependent on its current authority. This authority is measured by the blog’s standing and influence in the blogosphere.

Once you find a blog that is of interest, you can then of course read it, share it and where there are comment boxes, contribute to it.

Curating social news…. logo! allows you to curate your own news or topic page in a magazine style layout. You choose relevant content from the web. Once published it can then be shared. Readers can then follow your publication.

You can also share a button link to your on your own blog or embed a view of your 10 most recent scoops. (Find out how here)


Storify allows you to personally tell a story using social media such as tweets, photos from Flickr, videos from YouTube by enabling you to search from multiple social networks in one place. You then choose which elements you want and ‘drag and drop’ them in to your story and add text to give context to your readers. You can share your Storify using Twitter, embed your Storify in your own blog or search and read other people’s.

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