Some simple steps to ensure your Facebook privacy settings are as you want them

Facebook privacy check up
I received the message below when I logged into Facebook. It was a useful prompt to check my privacy settings, something we should ALL do at regular intervals.

Are you aware that you can make the choice to share your posts and other information just with friends you are connected to – that is the people you are friends with. If you do not check these settings you may find that you are sharing your information publicly. This means anyone can see your updates and profile.

Facebook privacy checkup

You can do a Privacy Check-up at any time by going to the privacy settings on your profile. This can be accessed by clicking on the padlock at the top of your Facebook page.

Facebook privacy settings


Key areas to consider

  • Who can see your posts
    Facebook settings
  • Who can contact you
    This can be set to everyone or just friends of friends.
  • Who can look you up using the email and telephone number you provided
    Choose to make this just friends, friends of friends or public.
  • Timeline and tagging i.e. who can add things to your timeline
    Here you can choose to review what is added.
  • Your app settings i.e. apps you’ve logged in to with Facebook
    Review app settings and delete those you don’t need anymore. Apps also have access to your friends list and any information you choose to make public.
  • Who can see your personal information
    Here you can choose for example to let your friends see your birthday but not share your full date of birth. This can be edited from your About page. Hover on the section you wish to edit and the edit pencil will appear.


Useful Links

The Facebook Help Centre: Basic Privacy Settings and Tools

About Sue Beckingham

A National Teaching Fellow, Educational Developer and Principal Lecturer in Computing with a research interest in the use of social media in higher education.
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