LinkedIn Snakes or Ladders? [game]

LinkedIn snakes or ladders?

Consider the key steps that need to be taken to enhance your LinkedIn profile.

Enhance (ladders)

  • Add a photo to your profile
  • This not only helps potential connections identify you with your name, profiles with a profile are regarded as more trustworthy.
  • Achieve 100% profile completeness
  • To achieve all-star status you need to complete the template sections. Additional areas may be added if you wish.
  • Add publications to your profile
  • If you have published articles, book chapters, whitepapers etc, share these on your profile.
  • Add skills to your profile
  • These will allow connections to validate strengths shown on your profile
  • Endorse skills of colleagues you know
  • Recognise the skills of others by endorsing them publicly.
  • Recommend a colleague
  • This should be someone you have worked with or for.
  • Add a project to your profile
  • This is an additional section you can add to highlight projects you have been involved with or led.
  • Add presentations to Slideshare and your LinkedIn profile
  • This not only provides a way to share your work, it adds a visual dimension to your profile.

Weaken (snakes)

LinkedIn snakes or ladders? How to enhance (or lessen) the value of your profile | Social Media for Learning

  • Don’t cite other’s work
  • It is not just academic practice, all work of others should be recognised
  • Share trivia as status updates
  • LinkedIn is a professional social network. It is not Facebook.
  • Don’t make use of your personalised LinkedIn URL
  • You can edit your personalised URL and use this to provide a direct link to your LinkedIn profile by sharing in your email signature and on your business cards.
  • Make unprofessional or insensitive comments
  • Think before you add a snarky comment or status update. This could be seen by your connections and many others too.

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