Social Music

What is social music? Social music is where you can create your own playlists and share them. It is also a place where artists can share their music. Sizzle Reel from on Vimeo.

Headliner enables artists to help artists reach new fans by sharing each others music with their own connections using Myspace, Twitter and Facebook.

Myspace logo

Myspace was the most visited social networking site in the world. Whilst overtaken by Facebook, it still attracts a large following. Musicians are able to create a profile within Myspace Music section. These differ from normal profiles as they allow artists to upload their entire discographies consisting of MP3 songs. A music service powered entirely by its community of listeners. How? It all starts with scrobbling.

scrobble: skrob·bul (ˈskrɒbəll) [verb] To automatically add the tracks you play to your profile with a piece of software called a Scrobbler logo allows you to search for free music to stream, listen to free music recommended by real people and to create your own free internet radio station.

8tracks logo 8tracks allows listeners to create, listen and share online mixtapes of eight tracks.




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