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Pinterest is where users can collect and share photos about their interests and arrange them by pinning them to named virtual notice boards. It is very popular for sharing recipes, planning weddings and collating beautiful images of homes and gardens. However since it launched in 2010 users have not only collected millions of photos, images in the form of infographics, videos and even Slideshare presentation collections have also been added.

Below are a selection of my Pinterest boards

selection of Pinterest boards

The images below show examples of how you can also add videos and Slideshare presentations. Users can comment on the images, like them or even re-pin them on to their own boards. Social sharing tools allow you to post a message via Facebook or Twitter to share what you have pinned.

Slideshare on Pinterest



An example of how you can pin a Slideshare presentation which can be viewed in Pinterest




YouTube video on Pinterest




An example of how you can pin a Youtube video





To make things easier you can install a ‘Pin It’ button in Chrome which then allows you to quickly pin an image from a website. The originating url maintains a link with your pin so you can always go back to read more from the web page you pinned it from. There is also a Pinterest app for the iPhone, iPad and Android.

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