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SMASH (Social Media for Academic Studies at Hallam) was founded by a team of four IT with Business Studies students at Sheffield Hallam University looking to incorporate social media for the purposes of aiding higher education learning.

The students had attended the SocMedHE16 conference (Social Media for Learning in Higher Education) hosted by Sheffield Hallam University, which was an interesting and exciting conference showcasing how lecturers and students alike were using social media to aid and develop their teaching/learning throughout higher education.

After attending this event and with the guidance of Sue Beckingham the team formed and set out to achieve the following objectives:

  • Help staff to identify and use social media tools for communication and collaboration within and beyond the classroom (Learning Activities).
  • Help students and staff to identify and use relevant social media tools to curate and organise information relating to learning (Organising Learning).
  • Help students to prepare digital portfolios to openly share outcomes and projects to develop a professional online presence (Showcasing Learning).

From here the SMASH Framework was created and has since been developed further.  In the following years the team has evolved as students graduated and new members joined.  You can read about what they have achieved and view the resources they have created by clicking on the drop down menu under the SMASH tab. These all have a Creative Commons licence and may be used with credit.

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