Easy listening – A collection of higher education podcasts


What is a podcast

A podcast is an audio programme that can be listened to on your computer, smartphone and other mobile devices. Podcast is a portmanteau, a combination of ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcast’. POD is also described as ‘portable on demand’ (Wikipedia). Typically a podcast features one or more hosts who engage in a discussion with each other or guests on their show.

How to listen to a podcast

You can listen to a podcast via your computer via the site they have been created on. To ensure you get reminded about new episodes you can subscribe to podcasts on your computer using Feedly or iTunes.

However the added value of listening to audio is being able to listen wherever you are, be that commuting to work, talking a run, or walking the dog. Both Apple and Android have built in podcast apps, which means you can listen to the podcasts on your smartphone. There are also other apps such as Player FM, Podbean, Spotify which you can use.

I have an iPhone so went for the iTunes option. The quickest way I’ve found to add podcasts was to google the podcast show (on my phone or laptop) and select the link for podcasts.apple.com. Then simply click subscribe. The podcasts can then be accessed via the Apple podcast app on my phone or iTunes on my laptop.

My collection of podcasts relating to higher education, edtech and coaching

One of my earliest experiences of listening in to a podcast led by educators was Break Drink, led by Laura Pasquini and Jeff Jackson. They describe BreakDrink as “An occasional chat with Jeff Jackson and Laura Pasquini about life, work, and random stuff. There’s a good chance you’ll hear these co-hosts talk about their thoughts on current events, ukuleles, the NBA, podcasts, higher ed, rescue dogs, research, books, technology, and tacos… not in any particular order.” I really enjoyed the banter chat that goes on. Laura has gone on to host other podcasts as you will see below.

These are a selection of the podcasts I can recommend

Metaphors of EdTech – Martin Weller

The Education Burrito – Kiu Sum

Talking Higher Education – Santanu Vasant

Between the Chapters: 25 Years of EdTech – Martin Weller, Clint Lalonde and Laura Pasquini

Pedagodzilla – Mike Collins and Mark Childs

Gettin’ Air – Terry Green

In Vino Fab – Laura Pasquini and Patrice Torcivia Prusko

BreakDrink – Laura Pasquini and Jeff Jackson

Coaching Through It – Laura Pasquini and Julia Larson

Teaching in Higher Ed – Bonni Stachowiak

Beyond the Technology: The Education 4.0 Jisc Podcast

The Wonkhe Show

DCU Podcast (Dublin City University)

Perplexology – Centre for Academic Development at Durham University

Copyright Waffle – Jane Secker and Chris Morrison

Guest interviews on podcasts

I’ve also had the privilege of being a guest on some of these podcasts. Below are the episodes I have contributed to:

TalkingHE – Episode 25- Sue Beckingham – Social Media for Learning in Higher Education

Education Burrito Podcast Ep 2: Unwrapping digital identity with Sue Beckingham –

In Vino Fab Episode #57: Getting Social to Teach, Learn, & for CPD with @SueBecks https://invinofab.transistor.fm/57

Gettin’ Air Podcast https://voiced.ca/podcast_episode_post/sue-beckingham/

25 Years of Ed Tech. Between the Chapters #16 Twitter and Social Media https://share.transistor.fm/s/d48df6a4 with Laura Pasquini and Chrissi Nerantzi

About Sue Beckingham

A National Teaching Fellow, Educational Developer and Principal Lecturer in Computing with a research interest in the use of social media in higher education.
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