Social Enlightenment: What enterprise wide use of social business ‘could’ look like

Social Enlightenment infographic

Image source: Jive Social

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“Overcome the suffering that email, legacy systems, and archaic processes bring. Let go of your frustration with not finding answers. There’s a path to enlightenment for every part of your company.”

This infographic from Jive Social is a lovely visual way to demonstrate how different parts of a company or organisation can do things differently taking a social approach.


Sales can’t wait for emails. Instead, they can:

  • Find experts; create groups to tackle complex opportunities
  • Coordinate cross-company interaction with large accounts
  • Collaborate with prospects in a private extranet group
  • Monitor the social web for competitive and sales info


Social marketing leverages community to:

  • Manage launches and crises across dispersed teams
  • Coordinate campaigns across all geographies
  • Engage customers authentically on the social web
  • Get fresh ideas, instant feedback from customers


Social business accelerates innovation:

  • Discuss and refine ideas with global colleagues
  • Discuss and refine ideas with customers, partners
  • Gain insight from customer-created content
  • Bring in ideas posted by customers to discuss


Customer support is now social:

  • Find experts company-wide to help resolve cases
  • Make issue resolution searchable and sharable
  • Onboard and train their team quickly and affordably
  • Leverage user-generated content to answer questions


The newsletter is dead. Use social instead to:

  • Communicate a unified message and engage employees
  • Glean insight from employees’ business conversations
  • Maintain an editorial calendar across dispersed teams
  • Poll employees to gauge engagement at any time


The progressive HR leader uses social business to:

  • Communicate and coordinate global open enrollment
  • Share and cultivate the culture of their organization
  • Onboard new employees to the company network
  • Deliver rich organizational development learning


IT is now plugged into the company and its team to:

  • Gain control of their company’s unsanctioned social apps
  • Deliver social features with enterprise security and control
  • Communicate to all about upgrades and planned outages
  • Host peer support groups about software products/devices


Corporate trainers use social business to:

  • Collaboratively create training assets and manage events
  • Get feedback when people “Like” or “Rate” training docs
  • “Mine” user-generated content for training requirements
  • Deliver virtual, asynchronous training events/conferences


About Sue Beckingham

A National Teaching Fellow, Educational Developer and Principal Lecturer in Computing with a research interest in the use of social media in higher education.
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