To create a Google+ account you will need to create a gmail account. You can do this here. You will then be able to start using the new parts of Google.

Some useful terms to get use to are:

Circles – this allows you to share different things with different people. You may choose to put family in one circle, work colleagues in another and friends from the gym in a third. You can create many circles and have the same person in more than one.

Communities – these are spaces people can gather to share and discuss common interests. A community can be public or private where you choose who to invite.

Hangouts – this allows group video chatting. You can talk to up to 9 others within a hangout using the chat facility or if you have a webcam see them too.  

Sparksthis is a search engine that will return links to articles, videos and blogs that you can then easily share.

Huddle this is a group messaging app that allows users to share within a chosen circle.  

+1 – this is where you demonstrate you like a post but it also serves to save a post as a favourite that you can return to.

Share – you can choose to share information to everyone using ‘public’ or select one or more of your cirlces.

View “An intro to Google+ using Storify” on Storify

How to create a customised Google+ shortened URL

Once you create a Google+ account you will be given a very long username. This isn’t an issue but if you want to share it on a business card or your blog, it looks much better if you personalise it. You can do this be replacing the long string of numbers with your chosen name.  This can be done very easily by going to by copying the long number in your user url. You will find this by logging in to Google+ and clicking on your profile.

Google+ tabs

Once you have the long number go to and there you can create your shortened URL.

Google+ url shortener



Support Pages: How to use G+

1. Your Profile:
2. Circles:
3. Photos:
4. Events:
5. Hangouts:
6. Mobile:
7. Local:
8. Communities:
9. Overview:
10. Get started:
11. Video resources:

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