Taking ownership of the LinkedIn notification updates you receive


The Notifications tab is your hub for notifications about you, your content, and your connections. You’ll receive notifications for updates about people in your network, the activity of your shares or posts, as well as career opportunities.

Notifications prompt you to congratulate connections for starting a new position or for work anniversaries, and to wish them a happy birthday. You are also notified about the number of the searches you appeared in and views of your profile, as well as likes of your posts.

I’ve noticed that for some this is information overload and found to be annoying! If this is the case then read on and find out how you can stop the notifications you would rather not see cluttering up your feed.

You can manage these updates directly from the Notifications tab to determine which types of notifications you’d like to receive. You’ll have the option to:

  •  Delete a notification – Removes the notification from your Notifications tab.
  •  Mute a notification – Stop receiving updates on a particular post on your feed. You can also disable future updates for that thread.
  •  Unfollow a notification – Stop receiving updates from that particular connection, such as job changes, likes, or work anniversaries.
  •  Turn off a notification – Stop receiving a certain type of notification, such as likes or job changes, from the people you’re following.

To turn off a type of notification, for example birthdays, then you need to select a notification from one connection who’s birthday notification shows in your feed and click on the three dots. This will then display a drop down menu. From here click on ‘Turn off’ and you will stop receiving all birthday notifications like this. Apply the same method for work anniversaries (or any other type of notification) by again choosing one connection with this type of notification.

LinkedIn notifications

Once you’ve turned off a notification update, all existing notifications for this type will be removed from the Notifications tab and you’ll no longer receive these alerts. You can find a list notification updates you’ve turned off, on the Notifications tab.

If you’d like to see notifications appear again, once you’ve turned back on a notification update, you’ll start receiving these alerts again. All previous notifications of this type will also be surfaced on the Notifications tab.

About Sue Beckingham

A National Teaching Fellow, Educational Developer and Principal Lecturer in Computing with a research interest in the use of social media in higher education.
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