Tweetdeck: some useful keyboard shortcuts

Tweetdeck shortcuts

With caps on hit ?: to bring up Tweetdeck shortcuts

What is Tweetdeck?

Tweetdeck was originally created by Iain Dodsworth (a Sheffield Hallam University alumnus) as a way to filter messages from people he wanted to hear from most, but at the same time stay connected to others he might want to read occasionally. He sold the third party app to Twitter in 2011 for a reputed £25m.

Tweetdeck is a valuable dashboard that allows you to view multiple timelines in one easy to use interface.  The selected Tweets appear in columns. This might include:

  • Tweets from a specific user
  • Tweets from a list of users
  • Tweets containing a specific hashtag
  • Tweets containing a specific keyword, date, location


Tweetdeck shortcuts

Below are a useful set of keyboard shortcuts.

The following shortcuts work from anywhere within TweetDeck:

  • A: add a column
  • S: search
  • N: new Tweet
  • ESC: close pop-up/cancel search
  • ?: show full keyboard shortcut list
search shortcut

Hit S to bring up the search box

These help you navigate through Tweets:

  • 1-9: navigate through columns 1 through 9
  • 0: jump to last column on the right
  • Left arrow key: move selection left
  • Right arrow key: move selection right
  • Up arrow key: move selection up
  • Down arrow key: move selection down

When you have selected a Tweet you can perform these shortcuts:

  • Return/Enter: opens selected Tweet
  • Backspace/ Delete: takes you back to the main column
  • R: directly reply to Tweet from a column
  • T: directly retweet a Tweet from a column
  • F: like the Tweet
  • D: Direct Message the Tweet author
  • P: show user profile for Tweet author

To get started with Tweetdeck go to and read the Getting Started with Tweetdeck notes.

About Sue Beckingham

A National Teaching Fellow, Educational Developer and Principal Lecturer in Computing with a research interest in the use of social media in higher education.
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