12 simple tips to get started on Twitter

Twitter logo

1 – Your Username

  • Choose a name that is easy for others to remember and use
  • Don’t make it too long as this will eat into the 140 characters if others retweet your posts

2 – Your Avatar

  • Don’t be an egghead….
    add a photo

3 – Your Bio

  • This your opportunity to create a first impression, make it a good one
  • Include a link to your blog or website within your bio

4 – Tweet regularly

By all means listen and learn, but then join in and contribute:

  • Post useful links
  • Add comments to other people’s posts
  • Ask questions

5 – Respond

  • Don’t just focus on your own tweets, read and respond to others questions and comments
  • Twitter is social so check and reply to your direct messages (DMs) and mentions from others
  • Thank others for retweeting your own posts

6 – Retweet

  • Retweet useful posts to share with your followers
  • Show your appreciation to the people you follow and acknowledge you have found it useful – they will reciprocate

7 – Consider the length

  • Don’t always use all of the 140 characters – allow space so that others can retweet your full post (which will include your username) and add a comment

8- Consider the content

  • Share tweets and information that show your expertise in your chosen field and of value to your followers
  • Engage in a dialogue: ask questions, share associated resources

9- Consider the tone

  • Be professional
  • Don’t use Twitter as a forum to vent and resist negative or sarcastic remarks
  • Have empathy and sensitivity

10 – Keep personal, personal

  • Use a DM (direct message) for personal messages meant for just one person or a selected group

11 – Getting organised

12 – Analyse link click-throughs


Is there anything you would add?

Twitter logo

About Sue Beckingham

A National Teaching Fellow, Educational Developer and Principal Lecturer in Computing with a research interest in the use of social media in higher education.
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