Using Social Media in the Social Age of Learning #lifewidelearning

Magazine 10 June 2014

Lifewide Magazine is published four times a year under a Creative Commons license. Each issue examines a different aspect of lifewide learning, education, personal development and achievement. For this latest issue my colleague Chrissi Nerantzi and myself were invited by Professor Norman Jackson to be Guest Editors. This was a wonderful opportunity from which we have learnt so much. I would also like to mention Jenny whose creative expertise has been the key to setting out the articles in the magazine. Finally a huge thanks to all of the authors who have contributed articles. This was truly a co-operative effort.

The edition can be found at and is also free to download here: Using Social Media in the Social Age of Learning 

The special edition begins with a series of articles that introduce the key themes of openness to change and the implications of social media on our personal and professional relationships. These are followed by examples of how creative thinkers are adapting their pedagogy and curricula to tap into such media to enhance the motivation and learning of their students. You are introduced to the latest social media resources and given tips on how to make the most of them; and see how social media can be harnessed to encourage financial sponsorship of worthwhile causes. The voices of all generations are present in this issue.

If you are feeling inspired, why not also take part in Lifewide Education’s  latest survey, Everyday use of social media:

You can follow Lifewide Education on Twitter at @lifewider

We hope you enjoy reading this edition and welcome suggestions for other aspects of social media use we might address in a future edition.


About Sue Beckingham

A National Teaching Fellow, Educational Developer and Principal Lecturer in Computing with a research interest in the use of social media in higher education.
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