Hurrah! An easy way to attribute Flickr images


 Image source: creative commons licensed (BY-NC-ND) flickr photo by Jonas Tana:

Flickr is an image and video hosting site. Registering an account also allows users to create a profile page containing photos and videos that the user has uploaded. Users uploading an image can set privacy controls that determine who can view the image. This can be set to public or private, or to a specific group. Flickr offers users the ability to either release their images under Creative Commons licenses or to label them as ‘all rights reserved’. Images can be filtered by licence and may also be given tags which can help users of Flickr locate themes images.

Bloggers and users of social media who wish to use images created by others can benefit by searching for Creative Commons licensed images. Flickr allows you to select photos from a variety of licences. Choose the one that meets your needs here.

flickr creative commons

Attribution helper

It is important to attribute the creator of any images used. To make this task easier CogDog has created a bookmarklet that you can add easily to your browser.

flickr bookmarklet

When finding a Flickr image you can simply click on this bookmarklet and it will bring up the recommended attribution for the image along with the owner/creator of the image and a direct URL link to the image within Flickr.  

Below is an example of what this looks like when I had the image at the top of this post open in Flickr.

flickr bookmarklet

How to create the bookmarklet

CogDog has created simple instructions to do this (see image below). Don’t worry, no code is required! Visit his site here to grab the link of the blue flickr cc attribution helper and simply drag up to your bookmarks bar in your browser.

flickr attribution helper bookmarklet

Before starting you should check you have made your bookmark bar visible. In Chrome you do this by:

  • clicking on bookmark in the top right corner of your screen
  • select bookmarks and in the left menu that pops up check ‘show bookmarks bar’


flickr cc attribution helper

Credit and thanks to Alan Levine @cogdog for creating and sharing this useful tool.



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A National Teaching Fellow, Educational Developer and Principal Lecturer in Computing with a research interest in the use of social media in higher education.
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5 Responses to Hurrah! An easy way to attribute Flickr images

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  2. Lisa Sparks says:

    This is helpful. Thank you!

  3. Thank you so much. This really helped me a great deal. I didn’t know that something like this worked. I just shared it with my Facebook Group too.

  4. Karen says:

    Thank you! Took away all my confusion around cc licences and how to attribute 🙂

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